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 Additive laser manufacturing processes
Вiдправлений: 17-04-2018 16:06

A new era has started. Additive laser manufacturing processes are revolutionizing the market. For example, Optech Consulting says the market for laser systems for additive manufacturing has increased annually by more than 25% in the past five years. Additive manufacturing of metal parts, in particular, has been a key driver in the market growth.Additive manufacturing processes can be broken down into two main areas: whereas complete component production using laser construction technology is still in its infancy and is responsible for the strong growth, laser deposition welding with powder or wire has been established for many years. Laser deposition welding is used to carry out high-quality repairs and modifications of components from turbo machine production, toolmaking, mouldmaking and many other branches of industry. LASYS 2018, which will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, from 5 to 7 June 2018 as a trade fair for laser material processing, will also focus on additive laser manufacturing processes for the benefit of trade visitors.
Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity will be the focal points in this respect.

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